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Once upon a time....

....sat at a desk in the land of Liverpool, a young writer sat and pondered. She pondered for a very long time and before she knew it, an entire year had passed her by. As she uncurled her stiffening fingers and blew the dust from her nose, she blinked furiously. As the dust settled, the shiny world before her glittered with promises of excitment and adventure, if only she knew how to untangle herself from the over grown vines that strapped her to the swirling office chair. She fumbled around the desk for a tool, a weapon, when her hand happened to fall upon a small, cylinder plastic shape. She picked it up and held it to the light. Strange though this object seemed, she felt a connection to it, an internal pull and instant understanding. With her weapon at the ready, she set to work on the vines, scrawling along their thick green mass, each new word relasing their hold upon her. Before she knew it, the vines were puddled at her feet and she was able to stand tall, weapon in hand, she instantly knew how to embark on these great adventures she had so longly sought after.

She would take her weapon, this 'pen', and write them upon every surface she came upon, she would write these adventures into the fragments of her life, on every drab table and williowing branch. She would create an entire world of words where magic lived, and adventures thrived and dreams came true.

So let this be a log, a memoir of her attempts to color the world with eternal ink, surface by surface, day by day. It will be a roller coaster of highs and lows, emotions, loves and losses, but an adventure none the less.

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Title Recovery
Fandom: Prison Break
Characters/Pairing: Michael/Sara, Linc/Sophia
Rating: PG - 13
Warning: WIP
Word count: 1438
Genre: Post ‘The Final Break’, romance, family, hurt/comfort

Can you really ever live while always looking over your shoulder?"

A/N: My first Prison Break fic! All feedback much appriciated, not 110% sure where I'm going with this but lets just see what happens!

As she dropped him down from the car seat, she smiled. Smiled at the normality of such an act...Collapse )


Read more...Collapse )

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